Week 2- Social media benefits and risks

Nowadays, having and using a social media account is common among people of all ages. Social media is no longer occupied by youths and millennials who were in their teens when Facebook first came into existence.

For instance, I found out a few days ago that some of my uncles, aunties and even one of my youngest cousins have Facebook accounts!

Social media use is not only prevalent among youths, but also among people of our parents’ age and children too.

With so many people of various ages connected to each other on social media, it would be a waste if businesses and organisations do not leverage on social media to promote their products and spread their cause.

Due to social media’s huge audience, broad reach and connectivity, people can share whatever you post on social media instantly and posts can go viral easily. Likewise, people can come across these viral posts almost instantly.

One excellent example of a viral social media campaign was a PSA video posted by Sandy Hook Promise Organisation in December 2016.

This video managed to highlight a really strong point about school shootings.

While there are benefits of social media, there are also risks.

You’d think that companies who have social media presence know the downsides of social media and are mindful of what they post on the Internet. But nope, there are still so many companies that (maybe accidentally on purpose) posted inappropriate things online.

For instance, in 2014 American Apparel posted a picture of the 1986 Challenger space shuttle explosion on tumblr on the Fourth of July.

Why, American Apparel, why would you post that?!

image source: Giphy

At home, on Black Friday in 2015, local e-commerce site SuperGurl changed their “Shop Now” button to “Rape us now” on the homepage. The inappropriate button was accompanied by an equally inappropriate photo.


They only apologised on Facebook the following Monday for the inappropriate words and photo. To make matters worse, their excuse for the fail was that they didn’t check the graphic designer’s work.


image source: Giphy

Maybe all these social media fails are intentionally created for publicity. After all, as the common PR saying goes,

There is no such thing as bad publicity.


Whatever the purpose of posting something online, we have to remember something:

image source: tumblr


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3 thoughts on “Week 2- Social media benefits and risks

  1. I really enjoyed the PSA video! Totally didn’t expect the ending at all. It’s true how things going viral on social media makes it easier for companies to spread the message, but this also makes it harder to control its spread if the message was a bad one.


  2. Social media is beneficial to both consumers and suppliers. it can reach out to more people and is accessible at anytime and anywhere.


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