Week 3 -Social Media Management Tools

I never knew social media management tools existed until a few days ago when my lecturer mentioned it in class. Like my peers, I have been using social media for quite some time and I thought that I was pretty familiar with them but I guess I was wrong (again).

I only recently learned that there are apps and tools that help to manage several social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Some of these tools mentioned in class are Buffer, Hootsuite, Sprout Social, TweetDeck and DashBurst. I guess I didn’t know about these management tools because I don’t post much on my social media accounts. I also don’t see the need of having an app that manages my social media accounts since I only use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Anyway, since this week we learned about social media management tools, I’ll talk a bit about them.

There are various social media management tools that serve various purposes. These tools can be used for both personal and business purposes. (I personally think that these tools are more useful for business and marketing purposes.)

One social media management tool that I personally find pretty useful is TweetDeck. It allows users to schedule their tweets. This means that users can plan when to post their tweets by choosing specific times and dates for their tweets to be posted. I started using TweetDeck recently as I have to post tweets regularly for my UGC 111 class. Sometimes I like to write my tweets early but I do not want to post them immediately. So I use TweetDeck to schedule these tweets to be posted later.

Here’s a video on how to use TweetDeck:

Click here for more information about the functions of TweetDeck.

Another social media management tool that looks pretty useful to me (even though I have never used it…yet) is Hootsuite. Its functions include managing all of users’ social media accounts in one place, providing analytics so that users can spot trending topics and hashtags easier, and tracking messages and mentions on the different accounts.

One function of Hootsuite that looks cool is that it allows collaboration. A team of people can be assigned to handle different groups of messages or streams. It also ensures that multiple replies by different team members to the same message do not occur. Oh, imagine the horror awkwardness if a customer gets different replies from a company’s social media account!

Anyway, here’s a video on how to use Hootsuite:

Click here for more information about the functions of Hootsuite.


2 thoughts on “Week 3 -Social Media Management Tools

  1. i used to use tweetdeck too. it is really a very easy and one-stop place for me to manage my twitter account. but as more of my friends shift from twitter to instagram, i also stop using it since then.


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