Week 5 – e Learning Resources

Remember AsknLearn (or something similar to it)? That portal which you were supposed to log in and do some quiz during those holidays e learning days to do some learning?

AsknLearn was the e learning portal that I had to use for e learning in primary school, all the way to JC.

Back in those days, e learning was mostly about reading some long passage and doing some long quiz related to the passage. To be honest, I didn’t feel like I really learned anything through that portal. I guess I didn’t find it interactive due to its one-way format.


It wasn’t this bad tho… 

image source

Besides, e learning can be quite frustrating at times. There were times when I was doing timed quizzes and the page wouldn’t load to the next page of questions. Sigh. 

Anyway, as far as I could remember, the main purpose of introducing us to e learning portals back in primary school was to allow us to virtually attend school when we couldn’t physically go to school in times of crisis and outbreaks.

Of course, e learning portals are used due to its convenience. Students can access it and learn anytime and anywhere (as long as there’s stable and fast internet) without having to physically attend school.

Despite its flaws, e learning has undoubtedly made learning and education more accessible to people with internet access. People can now attend courses virtually taught by teachers from all around the world at the comfort of their homes. e learning portals are now more interactive as well.

Furthermore, e learning saves money. Not only does it cut the cost of travelling from place to place, most online courses are inexpensive. Some of them are even free!



Free?! Ahhhhh

image source

With the myriad of online courses available on the internet, there’s no way anyone can try and use all of them.

Out of the various online courses out there, here are 5 of them that you should know and give it a try.

1. edX

edX provides a huge variety of online courses, ranging from architecture all the way to social scienes. Unlike other online courses, the classes at edX have specific durations and lengths. Students will also get certificates upon completion of the course. Best of all, you get to attend courses from renowned institutions such as MIT and Oxford!

2. Khan Academy

If you prefer to learn on specific topics, Khan Academy is the portal to go for. The courses are video-based. Students can pick which topics they wanna learn without taking the whole subject. For instance, if you’re only interested in evolution but not the whole subject of biology, you can just watch a video on evolution. Other subjects offered include computer animation and economics. Best of all, it’s absolutely free!

3. Skillsoft

For those who want to upgrade their skills especially for work-related purposes, Skillsoft caters to that need. Courses offered are more work-related. They include leadership development, MS Office applications and software development.

4. Codecademy

As the name suggests, it allows users to learn coding. It teaches users to make a website, HTML, SQL and coding languages such as Java. What’s cool about it is that it has a live practice window which allows you to practice coding while looking at the course material. And it’s free too!

5. Coursera

Last but definitely not the least, Coursera needs no introduction. For those who has been living under a rock, Coursera is pretty much similar to edX (and probably the more well-known equivalent of it). It offers courses such as history, engineering and Korean from various prestigious institutions such as Stanford and Yale at no cost!

For more online education resources:




2 thoughts on “Week 5 – e Learning Resources

  1. i remember relying on e-learining a lot during SARS period. schools were closed but thank god there was e-learning so i didn’t have to miss out so much on school.


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