Week 9 – AR & VR apps

Still swiping up and down on your phone screen to manoeuvre and throw the Pokeball to catch a Charmander?

In case you have been living under a rock, the game described above is called Pokemon Go. It is a type of Augmented Reality (AR) app. AR is a kind of technology that overlays digital media such as pictures and videos on to the camera view of the smartphone, tablet, PC or any other AR compatible devices.

It is currently used mainly for games such as Pokemon Go, navigation, medical and education purposes.

Here are 3 AR apps other than Pokemon Go that you should check out:

1. Wikitude

Have you ever come across a really unique building that you wanted to find out more about while sight-seeing in a foreign country? Well, with Wikitude, you can point your smartphone and use its camera to scan the building to discover more information about it! In addition, it also provides you with information on the nearest places such as restaurants and train stations.

2. Geocaching

Its concept is pretty much like Pokemon Go; it makes you get up and go to places that you’ve never been to before to hunt for treasures. Except that with Geocaching, you can actually collect and trade with real things! Hopefully the things available for collection are useful.

3. Anatomy 4D

This app allows you to discover the different parts of the human body in 3D. It is pretty interactive as it allows you to rotate and zoom in on an organ, such as the heart. With this app, you can also see how the inside of the organs are like!

Moving on, Virtual Reality (VR) is another kind of technology that has been gaining traction these days. VR is a kind of technology that lets you immerse in a different (and artificial) reality.

While AR apps superimpose a digital media over a real environment, VR devices put you into a virtual environment.

Uses of VR these days include entertainment, design and education.

There are different types of VR devices, such as Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR and Sony PlayStation VR.

Both Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR work with your smartphone to provide the VR experience.

Here are 3 VR apps for Google Cardboard (because it is the cheapest) that you should check out:

1. YouTube

This allows you to watch YouTube videos in 360-degree, such as this video of a Gorilla who isn’t Harambe. Just enter “360 video” on the search box and you’ll get a wide variety of them.

2. Bohemian Rhapsody Experience 

Here’s a VR experience claiming that it allows you to experience “through frontman Freddie Mercury’s subconscious mind” … because why not?

 wondering GIF

This was my honest reaction to the claim that the VR app could really let you experience through Freddie’s subconcious mind.


Oh well, you should check it out and be the judge.

3. Sisters: A Mobile VR Ghost Story

As the name suggests, it is a horror game. Play it only if you dare.











7 thoughts on “Week 9 – AR & VR apps

  1. Honestly, the first time my brother showed me a 360 degrees video in Youtube, I was so surprised!! Like it was the first time I ever see something so cool! We can like turn around and move the smartphone up and down to see the surrounding.. So how did you react when you first saw them?


  2. VR is indeed useful and so cool but have you wondered if there would be any side effects? like would it interfere into our privacy etc.


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